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It’s your Neighbourhood

Heart of England In Bloom coordinates the regional campaign for Britain’s nationwide gardening competition inspiring community groups in cities, towns and villages to make a positive change to local environments through Horticultural, Environment and Community action.

We represent one of 16 regions across the UK transforming communities in the region. Making them greener, cleaner & instilling a sense of local pride.

Aims & Benefits

The aims of the Heart of England in Bloom are to encourage local communities to improve and care for their local environment through imaginative planting of trees, shrubs, flowers, conservation and recycling projects and to eliminate eyesores that blight our streets such as litter, graffiti and vandalism.

The campaign is based on three RHS core themes


Assessing standards of gardening knowledge, skills and practice across the entire entry – 40%;


Assessing standards of care, maintenance and improvement of the local environment across the entire entry – 30%


Assessing level of engagement of local people and ongoing sustainability of the campaign across the entire entry – 30%

These three together all help to underpin what makes communities safe, clean and green and the voluntary effort that achieves this must make the Britain in Bloom campaign one of the most worthwhile and well supported campaigns in the country.

The team at Heart of England in Bloom

We hope the following pages and information will both help and inspire you to join us this year. By taking part in the campaign local communities can benefit from, an increase in civic pride, a long term improvement of their local environment, a boost to the local economy including regeneration of run down and disadvantaged areas as well as a boost to tourism.

In addition, the campaign stimulates volunteer work minimisation and conservation issues. Overall it promotes a tremendous sense of community pride and above all fun whilst addressing sustainability, recycling, waste. It could be your year to shine and celebrate the difference you have made to your local community.

Heart of England in Bloom

Britain in Bloom

Entry form closed for this year.
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It’s your neighbourhood

Entry form closed for this year.
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